Monday, July 20, 2009

Nuther FishWithTrish Contest

OK, so I don't carry a purse but FishWithTrish is at it again giving away purses chocked full of tracts! I'd love to have the tracts and can let the wifey have the purse (and of course some of those tracts)! She's teamed up with Christa-Taylor (a modest clothing designer) and the Empowered Traditionalist this time. Check out any of the links above to enter the contest!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

And they call us stupid...

Atheists and their ilk call us creationists crazy but check out the latest "scientific" enlightenment...

I added the highlighting. After reading, head on over to Ray Comfort's blog. Or here.

Comets Probably Seeded Earth's Nitrogen Atmosphere

KentuckyFC writes "One of the biggest puzzles of astrobiology is the origin of the Earth's oceans and atmosphere. One favored theory is that our water is the leftovers from a bombardment of comets early in Earth's history. But the ratio of hydrogen and deuterium in the oceans doesn't match the ratio in the four comets measured so far (Halley's, Hyakutake, Hale-Bopp and C/2002 T7 LINEAR). Now a new analysis of the ratio of nitrogen-14 and 15 isotopes in these comets and on Earth places new limits on how much of our environment could have come from comets. On the one hand, the astronomers who did the work say that no more than a few percent of Earth's water could have come from comets. But on the other, they say that the ratio of nitrogen isotopes in these comets almost exactly matches the ratio in Earth's atmosphere. That suggests that while Earth's oceans must have come from somewhere else, Earth's early atmosphere was probably seeded by comets."